I'll know tomorrow.

Who could've foreseen this happening?


I feel a little drowsy.

You'll need that.

Lou wished he were still single.

Japanese food terms are difficult to render into other languages.

He performed his duty with deliberation.

I answered yes.

Are you saying this doesn't matter?

You are a hopeless idiot.

This isn't a priority.


Let's not tell anybody until Monday.

Do you know whether or not Luke will be at the meeting?

I appreciated the opportunity.

Is there a nearby branch of a Japanese bank?

Sridhar has a meeting every Monday afternoon.


The boy wants to go to the toilet.

I really don't want to go there.

Please forgive me asking such a personal question.


I've gotten hungry.

One of Sonny's friends was killed in a traffic accident.

The bathroom is empty.


There's no chance of him financing his electoral campaign.


He decided not to press charges.

Do you see that man? He's my husband.

I assume that Ralf can't swim.

That was no accident. Someone set the house on fire.

Why should we do that?

Noboby seems to care about my problem.

I begged Matt to help me.

I demand that you correct that observation, Mr. Charles.

I don't think I've ever done that.

We're not going to make it in time, are we?

Go do something.

Stephe turned off his phone.

I cannot put up with his arrogance.


She sneaked up behind me.

I don't want Sanity to see me like that.

He was arrested on charges of tax evasion.

You are not supposed to smoke in here.

It sounds like you had quite an adventure.

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You're ambitious, aren't you?


I'm all out of money.

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Perhaps you should've gotten a bigger one.

Ten games were played on the first day.

Sridharan is engaged in medical research.


The rain stopped as soon as they went inside.

I haven't seen these pictures in years.

To those who seek peace and security: We support you.

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He pulled something out of his pocket.

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the thunderstorm has abated past midnight

I never would've guessed that.

Did Spy say anything to you?


I have changed my mind.

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Shatter abstained from voting.


I've seen you do it before.

I'm the last sane man in the world.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

We're still in shock.

I like dogs more than cats.

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Your mom is cool.

I was very curious about it.

Let's get it open.

We're very different.

We'll need to talk to Soohong.


It's too unstable.


He gets up at 7.


Are you sure of her coming on time?

Gregge likes her.



I don't want to ruin your day.


Molly did his best to protect Panzer.

Someone stole all my money.

Setting a wolf to guard the sheep.

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As soon as you leave the station, turn left.


The knight Tristan loved the princess Iseult.

Sherri is a big spender.

You will say and do things your parents said and did, even if you swore you would never do them.

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Mat is double-jointed.

Judge visited Shankar in prison.

His new car looked all right.

Please hold on.

Apart from you, we are all poor.

The spiral is one of the most common geometrical forms in nature.

I need to warn my mom.

Some believe in UFOs and others do not.

He has the faculty to learn languages easily.

My parents are there.

Many people think I'm crazy.

Take a tissue, your nose is running.

She has attractive eyes.

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I wish Friday was over and done with.


We can play with the language.

Suu weighed his options for a moment.

He will have done his homework by tomorrow.

It's too difficult to explain.

Loukas died to save your life.

Many of our friends have already left.

I don't want to buy any of these.

I'm expecting Oskar to win.

Let me check my wallet.

How is everybody?

He always leaves home at seven.


When you have nothing, aim low; when you get somewhere, aim high.

This is a really stupid system.

I'd like to know what you mean.

There was no choice but to sit and wait.

I have to change clothes.

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You must be Helge's mother.

It's obvious that she speaks English.

Harry is looking for a better job.

My father will kill me.

I don't think it'll happen again.

Markus and Jurevis are back.

The room wasn't cleaned by Kate.


Do what he says.


Debi noticed sick people everywhere.

You were the one who was late.

I'm going to tell you something.

I can't help him to find what he's looking for.

Spencer said he had no idea where Alan was.


I would like another beer.

Randolph couldn't bring himself to pull the trigger.

There seems to be something peculiar about the boy.

Father is angry with me.

You should really lay off that. It'll ruin your health.

You love that house, don't you?

The police decided to arrest him.

I can't believe Anna quit his job without talking it over with Knut first.

Why don't you adopt this sentence?

Marcia and I have been friends since junior high school.

It seems to me that you're making fun of me.

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Ariel delivered the package to the orphanage.

I'm looking for a present for my mother. Do you have anything in mind?

Don't get your dander up, but I have bad news to tell you.

This one is ours.

Something is not right with Gale.

You didn't quit your job, did you?

Go do as you like.


Let us know where you'll be.

She is always young.

The tie is very beautiful.

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He took adequate clothes for a weekend trip.

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I cannot see the advantage of doing that.

Is there a situation in which one works but not the other?

He never pays attention to what I say.

Jeremy didn't see anybody.

I forgot to ask.

You'd better put your cigarette out before Terry sees it.

Out of curiosity, do you guys go to Wal-Mart?

The picnic hasn't been cancelled.

Milner had no one to tell his story to.


This is the man whose daughter you met yesterday.

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She gave way to temptation.


They arrived at an awkward time.

I want to drink.

This word is written capitalized.

Tell Laurence to meet me here right away.

Give him rigid training.

Luis spends most of his free time watching TV.

Depending on others is taboo.